Order Log for Scientific Researchers

Genemod is a startup that provides inventory management solutions for scientific research labs. Order Log is an embedded platform on Genemod to allow scientific researchers to document their item orders and purchases.

As the only designer for this project, I drove the design, product, and user research.

Disclaimer: To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study. All information in this case study is my own and does not necessarily reflect the views of Genemod.


July 2020 - August 2020


UX Design Intern

Team Structure

1 Product Managers
4 Software Engineers



27% ⬆️

The engagement rate for our platform has increased by 27%.

25 mins/day

Our clients have reported an average of 25 mins per day saved when managing lab inventories.

16.9% ⬆️

The recommendation rate from our clients has increased from 64.4% to 81.3%.

Personal Achievement

I was the only designer for this project. Being the only one with the design background in the team, I led research, design, and product management.

Collaboration across teams

I collaborate with the business team and engineering team to collect their requirements and feedback about the project and design.

Product iterations

I improved the user experience significantly by iterating the designs based on quantitative and qualitative data.

Defend my ideas

When other people questioned my idea, I defended my designs with sufficient examples. I also provided alternative solutions once the design couldn't be implemented due to some irreconcilable reasons.


Add an inventory-purchase management tool as a supplement feature to our current inventory management tool, which encourages more labs to use our platform as an ecosystem.

How did I do it? Please continue to read ⬇️.

my role in the team

Creating the MVP with a cross-functional team

Field Observation

I conducted in 3 remote sessions of field research to learn about how lab scientists manage their item-purchases in the lab.

User Interview

I interviewed 6 researchers from 5 different labs to learn about their intentions behind their behaviors and habits and their comments about their current management system.

Usability Testing

After having solid design solutions, I conducted 6 sessions of A/B testing to learn about their preference for the new inventory management system I came up with.


There is no efficient tool to manage inventory-purchases at scientific labs.

Pen and Paper

Many labs still use pen and paper to document lab purchases.

Excel or Google Sheet

Some labs use Excel or Google Sheet to document purchases but it can be very hard to manage and put items in the fridge.

Other Management Platforms

Labs that use other tools such as Quartzy to manage inventory-purchases need to jump between different platforms and manually input item info on our inventory management system. They usually spend more than 30 mins on purchasing, logging items, and putting items in the freezer.

Key Takeway

we should have an order management tool on our platform that allows our users to manage their inventory purchases and add the items to our freezer tool efficiently.

Design Question

How might we create an inventory-purchase platform to help scientists to manage their purchases efficiently?


Maximize efficiency for users to manage lab inventories and purchases.
Flow Iterations


Listing Page


Filter Orders


Create a new order


Approve an order


View order details


Add to Freezer

Lesson Leaerned

Having visual aspects on the interface would make information more digestable.

Users mention that instead of showing all the information, hiding some unnecessary or less important information would be better. Also, for important information, the greatest way to present them is to show them visually, rather than in pure texts. Having visual aspects makes the contents easier to digest and consume by users.